with or without you

with or without you I will have to keep moving on

life doesn’t stop just because you are not here

I told you many times that I will recover from the injuries

your love had  made to my heart, there is no hurt that last

forever neither and idiot that would resist it.

With or without you I can make of myself a better person

life doesn’t end just because we are not together

I tried my best to make this work, but sometimes what

we want is not what we really need. And I don’t need you in my

life anymore, I waited so long to find some one to give my heart

but I guess I choose wrong. Let me tell you I would not cry for

for you because you hadn’t die and neither I.

And I must tell you after all I’m happy

because an end is the starting of a new beginning

and my life would start again. life is like the sun;

everyday a new opportunity, And you must know

someone like me has the capacity to raise up out of nothing

I’m like the sand the only thing I need in order to keep moving is

the flow of the air, water, and people. and I can say every night

I die and with the raise of the sun I re-born. 


With Or Without You – U2


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