new beginning

There is a minute in every day in which you really feel you can change everything in your life that already has been settle.a moment in which you have no fears nor frustrations, A moment that you wanted risk it all, and leave it all up to destiny.  this is exactly how I feel right now,  I feel that I have the power to change the path of my life, I don’t care if I fail, I don’t care about anything. I just care about this dream, my dream! I been waiting for this moment for so long and now today I finally feel that I have the power to start claiming the mountain, and that I can’t actually overcome any obstacles that I may face, this time I want to keep it real, I want to fight and  eventually  win. Because I’m not fighting against anybody, I’m fighting myself, my worst enemy; my fear to failure, but what if i start leaving all my fear behind, what if today I start everything all over again. no fears, no frustrations, just a dream to work on, I really feel this is a new beginning, a new me that has been waiting to come out of the fear shadow, there is  a lot to work on, and I want to start little by little. I want to start today, I want to be able to say my opinion without being afraid of what people may think. I want to be the real me, the one that loves and gives it all for love, i want to be the honest, the fearless, the successful. the change is today, I am the change.